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2019-02-09 15:34  

We are about to finish the BJF Universal Reverb kit. A circuit to which you are able to connect any (almost) reverb tank unit to. So it is an analog reverb with two outputs and controls for dwell, mix and tone. The pcb can go in a 1590bb box but the external reverb is of course bigger. Enough to make a pedal board on its own:)  I hope we have the kit up by end of Feb. Questions about the pedal, welcome here!

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2019-02-12 21:01  

Hi Bjorn. Hope you are well. I wanted to ask you about this reverb. I have a BYOC Tweed Royal amp that I built. Live the amp but there is no reverb. Could use this reverb kit to add the reverb between the pre amp and the power stage?



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2019-02-13 13:12  

Hi Scott,


You can certainly add the reverb circuit to an amplifier. In fact I have three solid state amps that could do with an upgrade and that I am planning to install this circuit in.

Make sure that decoupling capacitors on powersupply are rated high enough so if you have 15V supply mount 25V decoupling capacitors

You can also increase the series resistans in the B-tree to drop Voltage to something suitable or mount a 78XX regulator from amplifier internal supply to

reverb ad on.


Have fun


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